Africa Real Estate Conferences & Expo 2024

ARCE 2023


By Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association

The 2024 ARCE Conference focused on Proptech in Africa serves as an excellent platform to explore and capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the region’s real estate sector. The event brings together industry professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, technology providers, and policymakers to exchange ideas, showcase innovative technologies, discuss market trends, and foster collaborations.


Proptech refers to Property Technology – The use of technology to innovate and transform real estate.

These includes the use of digital solutions, software, hardware, and data analysis to improve efficiency, trust and transparency. The Proptech industry is continuously evolving driven by the changing consumer demands to improve efficiency, accessibility and sustainability and creating new business opportunities, for developers, investors and consumers. Proptech is enabling green buildings and smart city initiatives and Africa must not be left behind.

Some of the areas within the industry includes but not limited to:

  • Waste management
  • Green buildings /Smart Homes
  • Facilities management, Property Management & Operations
  • Energy & Water conservation
  • Data analysis (Big Data)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Virtual Reality & 3D Tours
  • 5G
  • Blockchain verification & Property Transactions
  • Co-living & co-working spaces
  • Commissary /Shared Kitchen/ Ghost Kitchen Facility operations

ARCE 2024 will focus on:

  1. Highlighting African Real Estate Potential: Africa is experiencing rapid urbanization and economic growth, creating a significant demand for real estate development. A conference can showcase the potential of African markets, attracting local and international investors to explore opportunities and contribute to the continent’s real estate growth.
  2. Exploring Proptech Innovations: Proptech (Property Technology) is revolutionizing the real estate industry globally. By hosting the ARCE 2024 conference specifically focused on Proptech, attendees can gain insights into the latest technologies, trends, and innovations shaping the sector in Africa.


ARCE 2024

  1. The event will feature presentations, panel discussions, and exhibitions showcasing innovative solutions in areas like smart buildings, property management software, online marketplaces, and construction technologies.
  2. Networking and Collaboration: An excellent opportunity to network and build valuable relationships.
    Attendees will connect with industry experts, potential partners, investors, and government officials, fostering collaborations that can drive real estate development in Africa. The event will facilitate matchmaking sessions, networking events, and business meetings to enhance collaboration and deal-making.
  3. Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building: The conference will feature keynote speeches, fireside chats, panel discussions, workshops, and educational sessions by industry experts and thought leaders. These sessions can provide valuable insights into market dynamics, investment strategies, legal and regulatory frameworks, and best practices in Proptech implementation. These knowledge sharing will contribute to capacity building within the African real estate industry.
  4. Showcasing Success Stories: The conference will highlight successful Proptech implementations and case studies from Africa and around the world. This can inspire attendees and provide practical examples of how technology can drive efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in real estate projects.
  5. Government and Policy Engagement: The event will serve as a platform for policymakers,
    government officials, and industry stakeholders to discuss challenges, opportunities, and policy
    frameworks related to Proptech and real estate development in Africa. It will help shape favorable policies, regulations, and incentives that support innovation and investment in the sector.