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Godwin Kavaarpuo

Godwin Kavaarpuo

You want to do & publish more impactful academic research without working longer? Welcome!

My first paper took over a year to write. Well, I abandoned it midway and returned to fix the methodological problems that plagued the article. It will eventually be co-authored instead of solo-authored as initially planned.

Today, it takes about two months to write a paper, sometimes much less, depending on the type of paper. But I’m still | learning and fine-tuning my processes. Efficiency is key.

Ambitious? I know, but research shouldn’t consume your entire life, too!

Hi, I’m Godwin. I lecture Property Economics at the University of Melbourne.

On Linkedin, I explore my learnings and experiences – the strategies, frameworks and systems – that will help make your research life productive, enjoyable and balanced so you can all have time for the other important stuff, leisure and spending time with the people you love.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired and find a strategy that improves your efficiency in undertaking impactful research.

A bit about me

  1. I am a Property Economist and Lecturer in Property @ the University of Melbourne.
  2. I am a passionate and experienced teacher who taught undergraduate and postgraduate real estate/housing-related subjects to 500+ students across Ghana and Australia.
  3. Published in reputed journals such as Cities, the International Journal of Housing Policy, and the Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law.
  4. I have been privileged in my career to consult on many high-profile industry research projects, including a market feasibility study for a 10,000-unit affordable housing project for the Ministry of Works and Housing (Ghana), the Ghana National Infrastructure Plan (2018-2045) for the National Development Planning Commission, and the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA): Guideline for Cities in Africa for the African Development Bank, the Africa Housing Finance Yearbooks for Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, and investment and market feasibilities for property developers.