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By Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association

Hennie Botes

CEO and Inventor of the Moladi Construction Technology

Affordable housing using Moladi systems

Hennie Botes

CEO and Inventor of the Moladi Construction Technology

Hennie Botes, CEO and Inventor of the Moladi Construction Technology, has gained more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. An astute product designer, inventor, passionate entrepreneur and born philanthropist.
Hennie travels extensively and continues to provide consulting services to international Governments, Advisors and Institutions to eradicate global poverty and housing shortages, simultaneously driving the continued development of Moladi Technology in more than 26 countries. He was won numerous accolades acknowledging his contribution and unique insight into the complexities of Governments and Businesses working together.
Hennie often refers to “Back to Basics” using models from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to Henry Ford’s Model T production line principal. In order to disrupt the status quo on how homes are produced and funded, he utilizes his ability to think outside the box by applying novel radical thinking, implementing frugal innovation and frugal engineering to create disruptive technology by emulating the lean production methodology of the automotive assembly line, enhancing the holistic supply chain, reducing cost by increasing production output by de-skilling the production operation, making homes affordable.

Topic: Affordable housing using Moladi systems