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ARCE 2023


By Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association

Ndifreke Ikokpun

Ndifreke Ikokpun

Ndifreke Ikokpu is a visionary entrepreneur with a stellar record of co-founding and advising tech startups, contributing to the development of world-class products, and implementing triumphant product-led growth strategies.

At the helm as the Co-founder of Sytemap, a Nigerian real estate tech powerhouse, Ndifreke pioneers the use of advanced geospatial capabilities to help real estate developers digitize their land/property records enabling agents, and property listing companies to access land status in real-time via API and shareable links. This revolutionary solution streamlines access, verification, and monitoring properties, a decisive move in the fight against fraud and a leap forward in making housing
ownership more accessible, transparent trusted for aspiring homeowners.

Before igniting the real estate tech scene with Sytemap in late 2021, Ndifreke laid the groundwork for innovation by co-founding Bitpaya in 2017. This venture, a cross-border remittance solution, was designed to empower Africans in the diaspora, facilitating cost-effective money transfers back home.