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Paulette Watson

Paulette Watson

I am a distinguished Global Tech Disruptor, an Author most recent book, “She Disrupts” and an International Awards winner in STEM | | Al | Web 3. As a devoted advocate for women in management and leadership positions, I am driven to foster their growth in tech careers while nurturing unwavering confidence. My book, ” Title,& quot; delves into my personal journey of disrupting the status quo, inspiring women across the globe.

With a remarkable background in leadership and technology, I have raised £20 million for charitable causes and held pivotal roles at esteemed organisations like Academy Achievers, Youth First, NPW, and Equaliteam Lewisham. Currently, I serve as the Managing Director at Academy Achievers, leading Not-for-Profit in STEM | Al | Web 3, and I have also founded my own thriving Tech coaching business.

Inspired by my triumph over personal challenges, my mission revolves around empowering the #BeMedigitalinclusion movement, aspiring to elevate one million global majority women and girls in STEM | Al | Web 3 related careers. Having garnered recognition in local, national and international media, I am thrilled to launch my upcoming podcast, “She Disrupts” aiming to inspire and uplift countless individuals.