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By Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association

Philip Delati Zumanu

General Manager
National Homeownership Fund (NHF)

Philip Delati Zumanu

Philip Delali Zumanu is a Financial Sector Specialist and a Professional trainer with over fifteen years of training and consulting experience across many sectors, including Pensions and Retirement, Financial, Public Sector, Education, NGO, Media, etc.

He was appointed Managing Director of NHF effective March 1st 2022, with responsibility for the successful implementation of all projects having served as the Acting Coordinator for the Fund from 2020. Prior to this role, he was the independent secretary to the Management Board of the National Mortgage and Housing Finance Initiative, whose work led to the establishment of the NHF.

In the recent past, he has been involved in independent consultancies in Organisational Change Management, Corporate Governance and Strategy, Financial Management, Operations Management, Project Execution, and Economic Research. He was also one of the consultants engaged by the World Bank to develop the Capital Markets Master Plan for the Ministry of Finance and the Securities and Exchange Commission. As an independent consultant, he has provided services to the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Energy Commission, National Insurance Commission, Cal Bank Gh. Ltd., GCB Securities Ltd., a subsidiary of GCB Bank Ltd., Ghana Water Company Ltd., and Ministry of Finance just to mention a few.

Dela’s educational qualifications include Master of Commerce (Taxation) and  Master of Education (Administration) degrees. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics from the University of Cape Coast. Dela is passionate about giving back to society and impacting the destinies of young people with the word of God. Dela serves on the boards of Octane DC Money Market Fund, SEM Income Fund, Sem Africa Fund and GCB Real Estate Investment Trust Plc (REITs).