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Prince Boateng Asare

Prince Boateng Asare

Profile of STEMAIDE

STEMAIDE is an edtech startup dedicated to revolutionizing education in Africa by fostering problem-solving skills, creativity, analytical and critical thinking, and an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in young Africans. We aim to empower the young generation with the necessary skills and mindset to succeed in today’s world. We offer a range of educational materials, tools, and resources designed to make STEM education accessible to every young African child. Our flagship product, the STEMAIDE kit, is a comprehensive STEM toolkit that equips learners with practical skills and knowledge. The kit includes microcontrollers, wires, sensors, bulbs, and other electrical and electronic components to facilitate hands-on learning experiences. In addition to providing educational materials, STEMAIDE strives to create a vibrant community of learners and educators across Africa. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, we encourage young Africans to unleash their potential and develop innovative projects using the STEMAIDE kit.

Profile of Co-Founder and CEO

I am a User Experience Designer with a Software Engineering background and over 10 years of experience in the software industry. Throughout my career, I have co-founded startups, including STEMAIDE Africa Ltd. and IoT Network Hub Africa, where I currently serve as the CEO and Vice President, respectively. In these roles, I have collaborated with a diverse community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts from various fields to solve problems in Ghana and Africa through innovative technologies. I am fascinated by the potential of the future. My interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), EdTech, and Space Technologies is what drives me. I continuously explore these areas to gain a better understanding of how they can positively impact humanity. In my leisure time, I enjoy animated movies, traveling, and reading books on philosophy, design, space, and religion. These activities refresh and energize me and help me stay up to date with the latest trends in my field. My ultimate goal is to leverage my knowledge in these areas to help improve the quality of life for humanity. I believe that everyone should have access to innovative technology and great user experiences, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. I am passionate about using my skills and experience to make a positive impact on the world.