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Lady Vicky

Lady Vicky

Victoria Osei Sampah (“Lady Vicky”)

Founder & CEO – GREPA Also the CEO & Designated Managing Broker – of Abri US and Ghana

Lady Vicky Sampah: Pioneering Proptech Visionary with Global Real Estate Experience
I am a global real estate expert, a proptech enthusiast, trailblazer, visionary, and catalyst for change. With over 25 years of diversified experience in real estate in the United States, covering residential and commercial sales and leasing, telecom tower lease administration, and recently corporate real estate facilities management in the US.

Lady Vicky Sampah stands at the forefront of innovation, driving forward the vision of establishing an African continental MLS platform known as Xchange. Lady Vicky Sampah’s journey in the realm of real estate began with a deep-rooted passion for leveraging technology to transform traditional practices and unlock new opportunities. Armed with a diverse background spanning multiple continents, she has garnered invaluable insights and expertise from her experiences across various sectors of the global real estate market.

From her early days as a real estate professional in the United States, where she honed her skills in property management, sales, and marketing, to her ventures in North America, where she immersed herself in the vibrant landscape of Proptech startups and innovation hubs, Lady Vicky Sampah’s journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to driving positive change.

Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels and interactions with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries around the world, Lady Vicky Sampah recognized the untapped potential of harnessing technology to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing the African real estate sector. It was this realization that ignited her vision for Xchange—a continental MLS platform designed to streamline property transactions, foster collaboration, and catalyze growth across Africa’s diverse real estate markets.

With Xchange, Lady Vicky Sampah envisions a future where real estate professionals, investors, and stakeholders from across the continent can seamlessly connect, share information, and transact with confidence. By leveraging the power of data, technology, and innovation, Xchange aims to bridge gaps, break down barriers, and unlock the full potential of Africa’s real estate market, driving economic development and prosperity for generations to come.

As a visionary leader with a deep-rooted commitment to driving positive change, Lady Vicky Sampah’s mission to establish Xchange represents more than just a business venture—it is a testament to her unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology to create a better, more inclusive future for Africa’s real estate industry.