Africa Real Estate Conferences & Expo 2024

ARCE 2023


By Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association

GREPA (Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association): An organization set up in 2011 to bring Professionals in the Ghanaian Real Estate Industry together for purposes of promoting the goals of its members, promoting ethics and professional standards within the industry as well as creating and supporting local and international networking opportunities for its members. We are connecting with Global Stakeholders in the industry to promote Real Estate in Ghana, gathering support for Legislation, Research andEducation.

Over the past decade, GREPA has achieved remarkable successes and notable milestones among including:

  • The first organization in Ghana to bring together real estate professionals in Ghana together.
  • Joining the US National Association of Realtors Bilateral Partners with an agreement signed in 2015
  • Obtaining License to teach NAR certification and designation courses
  • Joined a stakeholder in drafting, reviewing and advocating for the passing of the Real Estate Act of 2020
  • Providing industry professionals with countless resources
  • Creation of a multiple Listing service (MLS) for Ghana with its public facing portal
  • Syndication of the loop to

GREPA hopes to provide a solution to the dearth of real estate professionals that understand the African market by rolling out a number of carefully designed educational packages in Ghana to provide in-depth knowledge in real estate market dynamics across the entire African continent. We are among the very few organizations faced with the responsibility of improving Africa’s real estate
space. There are number off challenges impeding the optimal exploitation of Africa’s real estate potential, we believe that continuous training, education, and advocacy for proper legislation, the industry will reach the full potential.